Conrad Lahann & Partner

Your Tax Consultant in Hamburg

We are a tax consultancy firm with our headquarters in the heart of Hamburg and have been advising mainly medium-sized companies for more than 40 years on tax and business issues.

The businesses that are represented are as varied as the sizes of the companies at these often owner-managed family firms. They range from national and international trade organisations and service providers through to foundations and associations. Last but not least our clients also include private persons, all advised currently by a team of seven partners and over 30 members of staff.

We share our hanseatic way of thinking and working, based on mutual trust, sustainability and a holistic philosophy. After all we usually work together for several decades and generations.


L+P – 1976

In order to continue their former individual law firms together the two Tax Consultants Helmut Jobmann and Uwe Lahann found the law firm Jobmann + Lahann with its headquarters in the Colonnades.

L+P – 1978

The company is growing and a further partner is added to the company in the course of this positive development. Jobmann + Lahann is now Jobmann – Lahann + Partner.

L+P – 1990

After more than 15 years of working together the two founding partners go their different ways. Helmut Jobmann follows his own path while Uwe Lahann continues to run the law firm under the name Lahann + Partner.

L+P – 1997

Auditor and Tax Consultant Reinhard Twarok joins as a new partner.

L+P – 2000

The law firm rings in a change of generation just in time for the beginning of the new century. Tax consultant Oliver Nitsch becomes a new partner and successor to Uwe Lahann and will now lead the company together with Reinhard Twarok. Uwe Lahann remains on board as Senior Partner.

C&P – 2001

Following more than 15 years of experience as a Partner in two established Hamburg tax consultancy firms Tax Consultant Michael Conrad established his own practice.

C&P – 2002

The newly established company is also developing in a very positive way. Tax Consultant Danuta Bull becomes a new partner and the company is then continued under the name Conrad & Partner.

L+P – 2006

Reinhard Twarok dies much too early following a long, serious illness. Tax Consultant Corinna Zachert becomes his successor.

C&P – 2010

The positive developments continue. Tax Consultant Torsten Freitag becomes the next partner in the firm.

CLP – 2016

The two, now long-established law firms discover some things they have in common and see the great opportunity in working together. Half way through the year they combine in the new building at Opera Offices Neo in Grosse Theaterstrasse. Lahann + Partner bring a further partner into the marriage in the form of Tax Consultant Maximilian Conrad, the team grows to over 30 members of staff and becomes Conrad Lahann & Partner.